JOB Post: Sales Manager

Position Summary: UTM Healthcare is a cutting-edge digital health company that provides the tools and insights providers have been craving to keep their patients healthy, out of the hospital while realizing substantial revenue. Be part of an evolving model of healthcare. We seek a consultative salesperson to bring a new model of care delivery to market.

The Sales Representative will serve as the primary point of contact between the Company and its existing and prospective customers and is responsible for initiating, cultivating, and managing relationships with prospective and existing customers through meetings, telephone calls, presentations, and demonstrations. The Sales Representative will make sales and provide exceptional customer service and support.

Territory: Upstate NY, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut.

Location: Must attend monthly in-person meetings in Hudson, NY; otherwise work remotely

Key Responsibilities:

  • Make sales of UTMH technology solutions by educating prospective customers about how the organization’s technology adds value, promotes the health, safety, and welfare of patients, reduces overall cost, and improves patients’ quality of life consistent with the overall marketing plan
  • Service existing accounts, obtain orders, and establish new accounts by planning and organizing daily work schedules to call on existing or potential target outlets in the industry
  • Ensure current customers have the right products and services, identify new markets and customer leads, and pitch prospective customers
  • Keep management informed by submitting activity and results reports, such as daily call reports, weekly work plans, and monthly and annual territory analyses
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, and participating in professional societies
  • Monitor competition by gathering current marketplace information on pricing, products, new products, delivery schedules, and merchandising techniques

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Degree from a two- or four-year, accredited college (degree in communications, marketing, advertising, business, economics, or public relations preferred)
  • 2-5 years experience in healthcare industry sales
  • Coursework in consumer behavior, sales, supply management, communications, business law, and technology considered helpful

Salary: Base $60,000 plus incentive bonus plan


With local partnerships, this Latham telemedicine startup has national growth plans

ALBANY, N.Y.–(BIZ JOURNALS)–Following a wide adoption of telemedicine during the pandemic, the founder of a new startup in Latham thinks his product can push it a generation further.

VivaLynx has aggregated multiple types of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring technology into a single system that can help aging patients and those with disabilities live at home independently.

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VivaLynx and UTM:Healthcare Form Partnership to Provide Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Technology Platform Enhances Home Health Care for Senior Residents

LATHAM and HUDSON, N.Y. –VivaLynx, LLC and UTM:Healthcare, LLC have announced a two-year technology partnership to provide Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services to senior residents who wish to remain living independently at home.

VivaLynx offers a suite of home-health technology accessed through a single proprietary application, which incorporates motion sensors, cameras, tablets, 24/7 emergency level telemedicine, one-touch access to qualified health professionals, and care coordination to treat-in-place health care issues as they arise. The VivaLynx platform will now feature UTM:Healthcare’s RPM software and devices to produce vital data, which along with other machine learning-enabled technology will provide a fully integrated solution for managing care in the home.

“VivaLynx was created to address the aging issues many people face today,” said Lou Pierro, founder of VivaLynx. “With our proprietary software and this new partnership with UTM:Healthcare, we’re able to complement or even replace the things that aides would typically do in the home using cameras, sensors, two-way video communication, and 24/7 emergency level telemedicine, all accessible in real-time.”

This state-of-the-art software is offered by VivaLynx to hospitals, health care providers and insurers. Individuals can access the platform through EverHome Care Advisors, LLC, which provides professional Aging Life Care Coordinators who work with patients and families to ensure that participants receive quality in-home care while allowing them to maintain a sustainable level of independence and clinical stability.

UTM:Healthcare will enhance EverHome’s comprehensive care solutions by providing Remote Patient Monitoring software that measures and transmits biometric data across a secure network to monitor participating community members, avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, and reduce the overall cost of care.

Additionally, UTM:Healthcare will provision the VivaLynx smartphone/tablet application for participating patients or their caseworkers that will gather measurements such as blood pressure, weight, blood oxygen saturation, and glucose levels. These services aid in providing clinicians with actionable data necessary to modify a patient’s treatment plan in real time if needed. Staff and patient training and software support will also be available to patients and case managers.

“We look forward to incorporating our remote patient monitoring solution into VivaLynx’s comprehensive suite of home health care technology tools,” said Seth Lachterman, co-founder of UTM:Healthcare and its parent company, YouThisMe. “Together, our technology will provide a meaningful, data-driven connection between patients and clinicians in the health care continuum.”



VivaLynx, LLC
Karen S. Wolff, SHRM-CP, PHR, Operations Manager
518 407-1625 x203

Greg Turner, Ball Consulting Group, LLC

UTM:Healthcare Enhances Remote Patient Monitoring System Connectivity

HUDSON, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mobile health technology company UTM:Healthcare today announced that it has enhanced the connectivity of its remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution through the use of new biometric devices that have greater data transmission capabilities.

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5 HIPAA Rules Regarding Text Messaging

Many healthcare providers prefer to use text messaging to communicate with each other and their patients on personal mobile devices because it’s quick, easy, and convenient. However, if text messaging contains a patient’s protected health information (PHI), the text message has to be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA) rules and best practices to prevent identity theft and data breaches.

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UTM:Healthcare Adds Charge Capture Feature to Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

HUDSON, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mobile health technology company UTM:Healthcare today announced an enhancement to its remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution that enables health care providers to track both time spent monitoring patients and their patients’ utilization of the RPM system, which will support charge capture and third party billing for these services.

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UTM:Healthcare Enables Body Temperature Checks Within Remote Patient Monitoring System

HUDSON, N.Y. March 31, 2020–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mobile health technology company UTM:Healthcare has enhanced its smartphone-based remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution by allowing for regular reporting of body temperature to the patient’s physician or case manager, which can be obtained through select Bluetooth-enabled thermometer or taken manually by the patient and logged into the system. This new capability allows providers to check a key vital sign for identifying potential Covid-19 symptoms in a proactive way while their patients remain at home and away from infected patients.

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See Us In Chicago at the Cardiometabolic Health Congress oct 10-13 2019

UTM’s system engineer Luca Barton-Cain

Hudson, NY–(10-01-19) We are presenting at the Cardiometabolic Health Congress in Chicago October 10-13 about our Remote Patient Monitoring systems. See you in Chicago!

Contact us to learn more about our company and Remote Patient Monitoring systems.

UTM Healthcare Creates Android App for Remote Patient Monitoring

HUDSON, N.Y.–(7-18-19)(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mobile health technology company UTM Healthcare, LLC announced today that it has enhanced its remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution with an Android-compatible version, making it more accessible to providers and their patients.

The UTM:RPM software platform originally launched with an iOS-powered operating system compatible with an iPhone and iPad tablets. The new version renders the UTM:RPM software fully compatible with a wide range of mobile phones and tablet computers that utilize Android, the Google-developed mobile operating system.

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UTM Healthcare releases RPM software for Androids

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News (7-24-19) – UTM Healthcare, a mobile health technology company, announced that it has expanded its remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution to be compatible with Android.

The software originally launched with an iOS operating system to work with iPhones and iPads. The new version will make the platform more accessible to providers and their patients.

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YouThisMe Announces Remote Patient Monitoring Targeted for Seniors

HUDSON, N.Y. (12-3-18)–(BUSINESS WIRE)–YouThisMe, a mobile health technology company, today announced the launch of a new remote patient monitoring platform designed for use with multiple patients in clinical and non-hospital medical settings that serve seniors.

The UTM:RPM Multi-Patient software platform allows physicians, physician assistants, nurses and other caregivers to gather vitals data and status questions from multiple patients while making rounds in settings such as skilled nursing facilities, assisted-living facilities, and senior housing communities.

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250+ telehealth companies to know | 2018

The telehealth companies featured on this list range from video conferencing and connection to wearable data gathering and reporting technologies and platforms.

YouThisMe (Hudson, N.Y.) (8-28-18). YouThisMe offers a seamless, secure, HIPAA-compliant and simple-to-use remote patient monitoring system that allows patients to remain in their homes while giving providers essential information for managing chronic conditions and avoiding hospital readmissions.

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Dr. Warren Wexelman and UTM

Politico (10-23-18)– Warren Wexelman was named medical director of telemedicine company YouThis Me. Wexelman was previously associate chief medical officer at Maimonides Medical Center.

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YouThisMe names Dr. Warren Wexelman as medical director

HUDSON (10-25-18)— YouThisMe, a mobile health technology company, announced that Dr. Warren Wexelman, a practicing cardiologist for more than 30 years in Brooklyn, has been appointed medical director.

In this new advisory role, Dr. Wexelman will provide medical and technical expertise as YouThisMe broadens the implementation of its UTM:RPM remote patient monitoring platform with leading hospitals and health care providers, which utilize such technology to improve care coordination, reduce re-hospitalization rates and lower care-delivery costs.

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YouThisMe names Dr. Warren Wexelman as medical director

Albany Times Union (11-4-18)–Warren Wexelman, a practicing cardiologist for more than 30 years, was appointed medical director. Wexelman is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the New York City area and previously served as associate chief medical officer at Maimonides Medical Center, where he was the founding director of the cardiac rehabilitation and exercise program.

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YouThisMe expands biometric device support for remote patient monitoring solution

Hudson Valley 360 (4-11-18)– HUDSON — YouThisMe, a mobile health technology company, today announced the expansion of its remote patient monitoring technology platform to support a broader range of biometric devices.

YouThisMe also further enhanced the security of the UTM:RPM platform while implementing design improvements to the user interface. The platform now supports new iOS-compatible biometric devices including pulse oximeters made by Nonin Medical and digital scales and blood-pressure cuffs from A&D Company.

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YouThisMe Partners with OpenTeleHealth

EHR News World (3-14-18)–YouThisMe, a mobile health technology company, today reported it has set up a technology partnership with OpenTeleHealth, a developer of cloud-based remote patient Monitoring (RPM) platform for hospitals and health care providers in Europe and North America.

YouThisMe has built up an iOS system customized mainly for OpenTeleHealth’s current RPM stage that to-date has just been good with Android operating systems. The RPM technology mechanizes the perusing of an assortment of biometric devices with the goal that clinicians can remotely monitor and analyze the vitals of patients following discharge or to post-acute care settings.

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YouThisMe Partners with OpenTeleHealth to Boost Access to Remote Patient Monitoring Technology for Providers

HUDSON, N.Y. (12-5-17)–(BUSINESS WIRE)–YouThisMe, a mobile health technology company, today announced it has established a technology partnership with OpenTeleHealth, a developer of cloud-based remote patient monitoring (RPM) platforms for hospitals and health care providers in Europe and North America.

YouThisMe has developed an iOS client customized for OpenTeleHealth’s existing RPM platform that to date has only been compatible with Android operating systems. The RPM technology automates the reading of a variety of biometric devices so that clinicians can remotely monitor the vital signs of patients following discharge to their homes or to post-acute care settings.

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YouThisMe s’associe à OpenTeleHealth pour renforcer l’accès à la technologie de surveillance à distance des patients pour les fournisseurs

HUDSON, N.Y., 5 décembre 2017 (BUSINESS WIRE) – YouThisMe,       une société de technologie de santé mobile, a annoncé aujourd’hui qu’il a établi un       partenariat technologique avec OpenTeleHealth,       un développeur de plateformes de surveillance à distance (RPM) basées sur le cloud pour       hôpitaux et fournisseurs de soins de santé en Europe et en Amérique du Nord.

YouThisMe a développé un client iOS personnalisé pour la plate-forme RPM existante d’OpenTeleHealth qui, à ce jour, n’a été compatible qu’avec les systèmes d’exploitation Android. La technologie RPM automatise la lecture de divers dispositifs biométriques afin que les cliniciens puissent surveiller à distance les signes vitaux des patients après leur congé à domicile ou dans des établissements de soins de courte durée.

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House Calls: CMH’s high-tech ‘House Calls’ helping local veteran

Hudson Valley 360 (10-9-17)– Thomas Dinardi was making frequent visits to the Columbia Memorial Emergency Room due to worsening congestive heart failure and shortness of breath.

After an ER visit in March 2017, CMH Cardiologist Dr. Barton Schoenfeld enrolled Dinardi in a new Remote Patient Monitoring kit that includes an iPhone, bluetooth-based biometric devices and a clinical case manager. The goal is to use the monitoring system to improve the health of patients like Dinardi and avoid costly and time-consuming ER visits.

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Telehealth Programs Look Past Reimbursement to Find Clinical Value

mHealth Intelligence – (9- – Not content to wait for insurers to reimburse them for telehealth, some health systems are launching remote patient monitoring programs with an eye to avoiding unnecessary expenses.

In Hudson, N.Y., Columbia Memorial Hospital is sending telehealth kits home with about 50 patients in an effort to keep them from returning to the hospital. The kits, which include Bluetooth-enabled scales, blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters and an iPhone programmed with an RPM app, enable those patients to check their vital signs daily, answer a questionnaire and communicate with their case manager when necessary.

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220+ telehealth companies | 2017

YouThisMe (Hudson, N.Y.) (6-23-17) YouThisMe offers a seamless, secure, HIPAA-compliant, and simple-to-use remote patient monitoring system that allows patients to remain in their homes while giving providers essential information for managing chronic conditions and avoiding hospital readmissions.

YouThisMe™(UTM) Launches Completely Private Messaging System, Cloaking Original Messages to Protect Sender and Recipients

Hudson, NY (PRWEB) June 23, 2014

More than ever, there is a need for secure and private communication. To address the public outcry against increasing threats to online personal privacy and revelations of widespread government data gathering, an app is now available called YouThisMe ™, read as “This is between You and Me.” It enables users to send private texts, email and images in a secure Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) format over the Internet, all hidden behind ironic, amusing or mundane ‘stealth’ messages. This cover communication, “hidden in plain sight,” differentiates YouThisMe™ from all other secure messaging platforms.

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