COVID-19 Response

We at YouThisMe and UTM:Healthcare
have mobilized new initiatives
in this time of medical need

1. We have added a body temperature biometric to our offerings. The Vicks SmartTemp is now on the list of devices for data collection and analysis.
2. UTM is creating an app for public use in assisting with COVID-19 symptom tracking.
3. Our RPM app uses temperature and O2 saturation, along with feedback from patients regarding their breathing.  It is helpful for medical professionals to track at-risk patients remotely.
4. “Hands off” deployment of the app from provider to patient allows patients to set up the app themselves at home while remaining in quarantine.


Truly, remote patient monitoring is the safest and most effective way for changes in temperature and oxygen saturation to reach a professional’s attention.

Never before in our lifetime, has it been more important to monitor your health as closely, as is it now. The COVID -19 virus is not a typical infection. It takes on a different appearance in each and every individual. Even for the most experienced physician, it’s difficult to know when this infection is gone, or more importantly when it’s getting worse. We bring you this App with the hope of helping you and your health care provider monitor how you are doing by checking your temperature and watching the level of oxygen in your blood.

We bring you this with the hope that you will navigate the waters of this dangerous virus, safer, quicker, and with less anxiety!

Warren J. Wexelman, M.D.



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