UTM:Healthcare IS AT THE forefront of remote patient monitoring technology

At discharge, a monitoring scheme–based on condition–has been entered into the patient’s dashboards.


Patient sends vitals to the Case Manager on a daily basis.


 Any logged data that exceeds the doctors pre-existing schemes prompts an alert.

We’ve just launched a new free app to help monitor your health. My MedCheck automatically reads body temp and oxygen saturation data — key #COVID19 indicators — from Bluetooth-enabled devices and interfaces with Apple & Android health and wellness apps built into smartphones.

While our company is known for its app-based remote patient monitoring solutions used by physicians and health systems to track the vital signs of patients in their homes, we created this free app to put a similar resource in the hands of everyday people.

Fever and low oxygen saturation levels are often associated with COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases, and My MedCheck is designed to help users keep track of those stats and stay healthy during this pandemic.

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Christopher Gorczynski
Columbia Memorial Health

You have designed an app which should have widespread appeal. It is quick and simple and thus less likely to be bypassed by busy physicians while being HIPAA compliant and residing on a hospital controlled server and thus acceptable to administrators.

Michael Weisberg
Columbia Memorial Health

UTM:Healthcare has made contacting our consultants safer, quicker and easier. Overall improving the care we give to our patients.


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