A Suite of Telemedicine Tools


UTM Remote Patient Monitoring (UTM RPM) is a HIPAA-compliant, encrypted remote patient monitoring system facilitating patient-friendly, home-based, care monitoring, compatible with iOS and Android.

How It Works

  • Discharged patients are provided with necessary RPM tools, such as a smartphone and biometric devices
  • Patients take measurements and also answer simple questions on how they are feeling that day
  • Case managers and clinicians receive patient measurements and alerts
  • Patient measurements that fall outside of predetermined limits result in an alert to the case manager to contact the patient

For Healthcare Providers

  • Integration with EHRs
  • User-friendly design and versatile workflow
  • Simple connectivity to FDA-approved LTE and Bluetooth devices
  • Onboarding services – enabling provider and patient success
  • Alerts: push notifications and text messages for patients requiring attention
  • Patient graphs, printable charts and note-taking features
  • Ability to capture notes with automatic timers for CPT billing
  • Charge capture with transmission tracking module
  • Used successfully for years for cardiology and pulmonology in a hospital setting

For senior care facilities, assisted living residences and home health agencies

  • HIPAA-compliant cloud-based data storage
  • Patient communication outside of clinical settings
  • Electronic transmission of patient interactions
  • Multi-patient mode: monitoring options for groups of patients in facilities, as well as for individual patients at home who are unable to monitor themselves
  • Repeat readings: option for patients with complex conditions who may need additional readings
  • Multi-Measurements: measurement option for patients who need to take multiple measurements every day


  • Exporting Notes: downloads and transmits patient information to physicians
  • Transmission Tracking: tracks time that providers spend monitoring patients
  • Audit Logs: generates data reports that can be exported to a variety of conventional file formats

For Patients

  • Patients are provisioned with smartphones that have Bluetooth and LTE options for measuring weight, pulse, glucose, temperature, and blood pressure
  • An optional user app guides and manages daily patient interactions with devices
  • RPM improves quality of life, enables community living and enhances communication between patient and provider
  • Patients can take charge of their own health while remaining safely at home
  • Hospitals avoid Medicare penalties by decreasing unnecessary emergency department visits and readmissions


UTM’s Remote Therapeutic Management (RTM) enables clinicians to monitor the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions. For instance, a provider can use RTM to determine if patients are adhering to their medication regimen that has been prescribed or measure the degree of pain that patients are experiencing. UTM’s RTM expands the capabilities of patient monitoring by providing a complete picture of patients’ health statuses.


  • UTM’s Principal Care Management (PCM) enables providers to care for patients with one chronic condition.
  • UTM’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) enables providers to care for patients with two or more chronic conditions.

White Labeling Options

The UTM RPM package includes Patient Data Storage, a Smartphone app, Cloud API,
alert handling and EHR communication. However, our API allows partners to eliminate
the UTM “Smart phone app” and use an app of their choice that simply uses our API.
UTM’s API allows patient data stored in our cloud to be imported into any software
system that your company is already using.

Companies can license UTM’s API and cloud system with an annual subscription, or on
a per-patient basis. This licensing approach (white labelling) allows our software to
collaborate with other vendor-partners’ offerings.

UTM can provide data to an AI analytic tool that advises doctors as to patient trends
and/or health issues. For example, the RPM blood-pressure, weight and glucose
measurements may be used as a predictor for strokes. UTM’s API can also be used to
enhance homecare and telehealth programs.

“For the last three years, I have used UTMHealthcare’s Remote Patient Monitoring program to record my blood pressure daily. I also assisted an elderly neighbor recording both blood pressure and body weight measurements. Both of our primary care physicians and cardiologists have taken advantage of the data and tailored their treatment protocols and provided excellent care without requiring frequent face-to-face consultations. Also, by being active each day in assisting in my own healthcare, I have become much more alert to the importance of maintaining my own health and well-being.”

M.A., cardiac Patient