A suite of tools for the telemedicine healthcare environment


UTM:RPM is a HIPAA-compliant encrypted remote patient monitoring system facilitating patient-friendly home care monitoring, compatible with iOS and Android.

How It Works

  • Discharged patient is provided with necessary RPM tools, such as a smartphone and biometric devices
  • Vitals that fall outside predetermined limits alert the case manager to contact their patient
  • Case managers receive patient information
  • Vitals that fall outside predetermined limits trigger an alert to the case manager to contact the patient


  • Patient graphs, printable charts & unique note-taking features
  • Alerts: push notifications and text messages for patient statuses requiring attention
  • Multi-patient mode: monitoring options for groups of patients in facilities, as well as for individual patients at home who are unable to monitor themselves
  • Repeat Readings: option for patients who may need additional readings
  • Multi-Measurements: measurement option for patients who need to take multiple measurements every day


  • HIPAA-compliant cloud-based data storage
  • Patient communication outside of clinical settings
  • Electronic transmission of patient interactions


  • Timer: tracks time spent by case managers
  • Exporting Notes: downloads and transmits patient information to physicians
  • Transmission Tracking: tracks time that providers spend monitoring patients
  • Audit Logs: generates data reports that can be exported to a variety of conventional file formats


  • Includes user-friendly smartphone with Bluetooth devices or LTE options for measuring weight, pulse, glucose, temperature, and blood pressure
  • Improves quality of life
  • Enhances communication between patient and doctor
  • Facilities self-care; patients can take charge of their own health and remain safely at home
  • Decreases unnecessary ER visits, clinical crisis, and possible readmissions


Multi-Patient Mode is an alternative UTM:RPM mode designed for Case Managers who are assisting patients with measurements.

How It Works

  • Case Manager is equipped with mobile and biometric devices
  • Case Manager makes patient rounds and gathers multiple patient readings
  • Patients who are assigned to Multi-Patient Mode do not need their own Biometric devices and do not need to download the RPM app

Benefits of Using MULTI-PATIENT MODE

  • Efficient method for gathering measurements for multiple patients at one time
  • Case Manager can use Bluetooth devices or manually input individual patient measurements
  • Introduces patients to RPM so that they can continue using RPM independently