The Company

UTMHealthcare, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of UThisMe, LLC, which was formed in 2012 by three entrepreneurs in upstate New York: Seth Lachterman, Cameron Melville, and the late David Ackerman. They envisioned building applications around new encryption technology. Using patented technology, UTMHealthcare enables clinicians and case managers to oversee patient care. Patients require only a smartphone and peripheral devices to take key readings and keep their medical team fully up-to-date on their status, thereby enabling hospital discharges and decreasing readmissions.

Management Team

Seth Lachterman

Founder of En-Core Systems, a software company in existence since 1981, Seth developed a patented messaging technology that is the core of UTMHealthcare’s products.

Cameron Melville

A musician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Cameron founded the Philanthropic Center for the Arts, LLC (known as The Vortex LA) which strives for social and community change. His family founded the Melville Charitable Trust. Cameron has also supported medical relief efforts throughout the Ukraine crisis.

Mark Orton

Mark Orton has held management positions at the VP level in a Fortune 500 electronics firm, co-founded a software company in the Enterprise Resource Planning market and has worked with numerous start-up and small company owners.

Clayton Mullen

Clayton is Director of Sales.  He has over 14 years of experience in health information technology, medical device sales and electronic health records integrations. He also has had years of international sales experience in Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and South America.

Brandon Lachterman

Brandon has over 15 years of IT consulting, help desk management, and cybersecurity experience, working on a wide variety of teams and projects. He has also been an advocate for more mental health awareness in the tech industry.


Here is a brief timeline of UTMHealthcare’s history.

2012 – UThisMe, LLC (“UTM”) is formed to enhance text and email message security. Its original application, YouThisMe®, grew to create the same type of security for social media posts.

Columbia Memorial Health Logo

2014 – UTM partnered with Columbia Memorial Health in Hudson, NY to extend its technology to healthcare environments, by developing a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program called UTM RPM. A UTMHealthcare affiliate is created.

Healthcare Worker with Device

2015 – The U.S. Patent office grants UTM an international patent for its core technology. 

2018 – UTMHealthcare rolls out an updated RPM product that supports a broader range of biometric devices.

Healthcare Employees Looking at Charts

2019–2020 – UTM RPM is adopted by several private New York City medical practices.

2020 – UTMHealthcare announces that its original pilot at Columbia Memorial Health led to a 76% reduction in hospital admissions for elderly men using RPM. It also announces that the technology will be used to monitor cardiac patients in a pilot at Albany Medical Center, a highly regarded academic medical center.

My Med Check Logo

2020 – UTM RPM is updated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to take and report temperature readings. A new consumer product, MyMedCheck, is released.

Healthcare Worker Reviewing App on Device

2021 – UTM RPM is expanded again with a charge capture tool that enables clinicians to track both their time spent caring for patients and those patients’ utilization of the monitoring system.

2022 – UTMHealthcare expands to LTE biometric devices used with UTM RPM.

2022 – UTMHealthcare enters a partnership with VivaLynx in upstate New York to use RPM to monitor home health patients.

Today – UTM RPM is a self-contained communication application available for use by hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, hospice agencies, and home care providers.